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Sacramento County is one of the five Delta counties. The Delta Counties Coalition’s five-bucket strategy addresses California’s water needs and protects the Delta’s vast and valuable natural resources.

Supervisor Don Nottoli

"It's really a misnomer to call this a California WaterFix because it doesn't fix the water challenges facing California and it does not provide any new water. It creates more problems, if anything. If this comes to fruition, the people of the Delta region lose, not just now, but for generations to come.”

-Supervisor Don Nottoli

Supervisor Patrick Kennedy

"It’s hard to see this new plan as progress. The tunnels remain intact while environmental and economic safeguards for the Delta are made weaker."

-Supervisor Patrick Kennedy

Supervisor Susan Peters

“The Governor’s tunnel plan is flat out deceptive. I’m so disappointed in what the state has put out. Beyond disappointed, I’m angry.”

-Supervisor Susan Peters

Supervisor Joe Serna

"Sacramento County continues to welcome ideas about how best to protect the Delta and responsibly convey water in our state, but what we cannot and will not do is agree to compromise our constituents’ way of life in the process."

-Supervisor Phil Serna

"The Governor’s new plan for the Delta is very troublesome. I continue to have great concerns about not only the new plan’s impacts to northern California, but its effectiveness to accomplish its mandated two co-equal goals."

-Congresswoman Doris Matsui

In response to opponents of his tunnel plan, Governor Brown said "…shut up, because you don’t know what… you’re talking about!"

-Governor Jerry Brown

Reflecting on the Governor’s tunnel project and his sentiment that humans must adapt, George Skelton writes, "Here’s an idea: Try something new that’s smaller, less expensive and more acceptable. Adapt."

-LA Times Columnist, George Skelton

Delta Counties Coalition

County Seals of the 5 DCC members

The Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) is an alliance made up of the California Counties of Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, and Yolo. These counties work collaboratively to give one voice on behalf of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and its 4 million area-wide residents. More...